This function configures the singleton instance of React URL Query. The available options to configure are:

  • history (Object): Must be provided unless using React Router v4. This object should provide two functions: push(location) and replace(location) that update the URL based on the location provided.

  • addUrlChangeHandlers (Boolean): If true, adds generated URL change handlers when using addUrlProps with a urlPropsQueryConfig. Defaults to true.

  • addRouterParams (Boolean): If true, lifts values from props.params provided by React Router to direct props when using addUrlProps. Defaults to true.

  • changeHandlerName (Function): Specifies how change handler names are generated when addUrlChangeHandlers is set to true. By default, maps propName to onChangePropName.

  • readLocationFromStore (Function): Reads in location from the Redux store if available and passes it to the reducer in urlQueryMiddleware. This property is only used when the middleware is added to Redux, as in this example. Defaults to reading from state.routing.locationBeforeTransitions, the standard location for react-router-redux.


  1. options (Object): The options to update in the configuration.


(void): It does not return anything.


  • If you are using React Router v4, instead of configuring the history option here, use RouterToUrlQuery. All other options can still be configured normally.


import { browserHistory } from 'react-router'; // v2

  history: browserHistory,
  addRouterParams: false,

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