If you want to have URL update actions dispatched via Redux as shown in this example, you need to use this Redux middleware. It intercepts actions where meta.urlQuery is true and passes them to the configured reducer (by default urlQueryReducer) to be interpreted.

If you are using react-router-redux, you will want to read location from the store. The default setting for readLocationFromStore does this. If you want to read location from another place in the store, specify a different readLocationStore in the options.

Default settings result in URL actions not making it to the final Redux store, so listeners to the store won't be notified of a change. This is because usually there is something else listening for changes to the URL and causing the components to update, so we'd end up with an unnecessary second render. If you want the store to be notified, you need to set the shortcircuit option to false.


  1. [options] (Object): The options for configuring the middleware. They include:
    • reducer (Function): A function that takes action, location and updates the URL. If not specified in options, it is read from the configuration, and finally defaults to urlQueryReducer if no value is provided.
    • readLocationFromStore (Function): A function that takes state, the Redux store state, and returns the current URL location to pass to the reducer. If not specified, defaults to reading from react-router-redux's default location.
    • shortcircuit (Boolean): A flag on whether or not we should pass on to the next Redux middleware, and thus eventually receive notifications from the Redux store.


(Function): A redux middleware function.


  • You must instantiate urlQueryMiddleware with options. You cannot run applyMiddleware(urlQueryMiddleware). If you do not want to supply options, you can run: applyMiddleware(urlQueryMiddleware()).


import { createStore, applyMiddleware } from 'redux';
import { urlQueryMiddleware } from 'react-url-query';
import './myUrlQueryReducer';
import './rootReducer';

// get the new create store with middleware
const createStoreWithMiddleware = applyMiddleware(
    reducer: myUrlQueryReducer

// create the store
const store = createStoreWithMiddleware(rootReducer);

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